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Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Best Friends

I have found my new best friends- wedding planning books! The first thing I did after I got engaged- other than telling all my friends and family- I did the typical Alex thing and went and got a wedding agenda and an etiquette book!

And I must say these two books are a must have!
This etiquette book answers every question I could have ever wanted to know. And of course, I even made Matt read it with me- and he was thrilled... But for real this book is great- if you are planning a wedding and care about doing things the 'proper' way- which I do :) this is the right book for you!Now this book is extra special because not only is it an agenda but also gives you tips and questions to ask your different vendors! Needless to say this little baby goes everywhere with me!

On another note the wedding planning is going good- I have my dress and veil- bridesmaids dresses- the reception site- and invitations! The Save the Dates just came in and they look great!


  1. I'm a complete loser in that the minute we got off the phone, I turned on my computer and checked out your update. With that said, I am jealous that you have a fun agenda and a book to read. And I love how you aren't even worried about anything. You are very calm and collected...not at all a bridezilla. :)

  2. Oh that means a lot to me that you don't think I am a bridezilla... speaking off I dont know if I am more excited about getting married or seeing you again


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