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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Patricia's Shower

A couple of weekends ago I was able to go to South Carolina for Patricia's (one of my best friends wedding shower). It was a lot of fun to be able to see her for the weekend and be part of her special celebration! For the shower I was in charge of favors and games! I was so excited to have some responsibility and be able to put my planning and organization skills to use! I chose to play 'Bridal Shower Family Feud', 'How Well Do You Know Patricia', and 'Wedding Shower Matching with Candy'. All the games were such fun and I think everyone had a blast.. there were even some heated arguments between the family members- It was great!

The Favors I made- they were little jars with pink M&M's and a pink ribbon tied around! I think they turned out very cute and matched with the pink and black theme of the shower. For anyone looking for cute favor ideas these were both easy and budget friendly!

The tables were set beautifully.

This is the cake Trisha's mom made for the shower. I think it was so adorable and really delicious.
The only picture Trisha and I have from the weekend! Of course we are doing the traditional Asian peace sign (which is very popular in Hawaii!)
It was also great to see Carmen again and meet her sister Elizabeth! After the shower we ended up at a tattoo studio so Brenda could get a tattoo! It was quite fun and a perfect way to end the night! I was so happy to see Trisha and I can't wait till April to go to the wedding!

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