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Friday, March 12, 2010

Here's To You Jenny and Ashael

London for me, as most of you know, was a study abroad... so although I got to travel around and act like a tourist and take in the cites I also had to STUDY! One of the classes I had was with Dr. Kerry Soper aka Ker Dog for Humanities 202. For the final project our class had to put together a parody or tribute to something we studied during the semester. For this assignment we could work in groups of 2 or 3 to get it done. Ker Dawg did not want us spending too much time or effort into but wanted us to have fun and reflect on what we studied. Of course being me I wanted to take this project to the next level! I wanted class members and faculty to remember the day Alex Fahey presented her Humanities 202 project. Now I could not do this alone so I needed the help of two of my roommates... originally it was Ashael and Elliot but after hearing my idea and how it could potentially take a little more time Elliot dropped out.Here is where Jenny comes in! While in Paris the first night Jenny, Ashael, and I came up with our 202 project... we decided to do a parody of 'Modern Times' a movie we watched in the class. This movie was made in 1936 and is a comedy with Charlie Chaplin. The whole film is about his 'little Tramp' character working to survive in the modern industrial world. It is a silent film and really quite funny... I really did not think I would like watching it but it really became one of my favorite things I studied! For those that have not seen it I would recommend that you do!

For our parody we took the idea of 'Modern Times' and made 'Centre Times'- our parody was life in the centre for Charlotte Chaplin. While riding the rails in Paris or the 'Metro' as they say in Paris- the three of us came up with the whole plot of 'Centre Times'. And from then on the fun just kept going. When we got back from Paris we finished our project... mind you we kept the whole idea pretty much under-wraps so everyone would be surprised. I am sure the rest of our roommates and the others in the centre thought we were a little strange but it was still fun! The day we took the pictures we all had to get into costume... which mine involved big hair and makeup... black tights, black dress, leather coat, and my chuck taylors! Funny enough the girls kept asking if I was going to Grease!

Anyway, for most of you the pictures below will not mean anything to you or make much sense but really this post is for those involved in 'Centre Times' Needless to say our project was one of the best and made everyone in the class break out in hysterics and even Kerr Dawg was to the point of tears. Now, our project took a little more effort but we really did enjoy ourselves!

*I will now put our video in a stream of pictures*

'Centre Times'
"Charlotte Chaplin is on the dreaded kitchen crew line!"

"Oh my so many dishes!"
"After kitchen crew Charlotte can't get the spinning motion out of her hands!"

"She is drawn to anything circular."

"Get Off Me!""SLAP!""You won't get away with this!"

"There's a special place for girls like you"

Well it goes on and on... but here are a few more highlights for those that want to see a little more!

"Alone in Solitary Charlotte has made a home away from home." "Meanwhile, the search for food in the centre has gotten out of control!"

"No Nutella!"
"Charlotte is sad that she did not fit into centre life, but she has found a friend in 'the gamine'.

So for most of you this post seems a little strange and does not make much sense... but then again if you are not Jenny or Ashael this post was not for you! This was just to get these two girls a little memory of the good times we had making this production. Also, I want to say I have not forgotten and one way or another you will have a copy of this! I hope you enjoyed the memory... I wanted to put the whole story in... but it took a lot more effort than I thought and my internet was going slow slash not working... oddly enough just like the internet in the centre! HaHa!



  1. HAHAHAHA! I LOVED IT! Oh gosh. We really did have a wonderful time. I love that I helped contribute to the planning in Paris...and I wasn't even a part of the project at that moment. (Elliot - I should give you a shout out for deciding to do a Jackson Pollock therefore giving me the opportunity to be a parody of myself!)

    I can't wait to have the actual footage of this. If we have to go to the ends of the earth to accomplish it, you better believe we will!

  2. J- I am glad that you enjoyed this although you did not put "LOL" so I don't know if you really really enjoyed it! :) This really did take a long time.. but it was worth it. I laugh every time I see these pictures!

    Of course I would go to the ends of the earth to figure out a way to get this to you... which reminds me of "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more..." oh Liam... oh Alec!

  3. No, of course I am laughing! If there was any doubt, I hope that this fixes that: LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!

    (I love how with the first picture of Dr. Evans and me, when you enlarge it, you can tell that I am laughing behind my hands.)

  4. hha i love it. centre times was the best. i remember you guys taking pictures in room 2 all decked out with the joe jonas pic in the background. soo great!


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