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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Peter Pan In Kensington Park

After Southall we raced back to catch the 7:30 production of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. I am so lucky to be in London right now! It seems that during the Fall the city has all these amazing events! It was excited take part in seeing Peter Pan because we were actually in the place where it all happened. JM Barie lived close to Kensington Gardens and Peter Pan goes to Kensington! The play was so amazing. It is set in a tent in the garden and so it closes in a couple of weeks because it will soon be too cold to sit outside. We were in the back but the set is so close and personal we really had great seats! The acting was pretty good and I soon found myself so caught up in the story. I especially liked Tinker Bell - her character was so quirky and unique- she seemed like an annoying little sister! I also really enjoyed the stage set up and the set design- it was so clever! I don't want to give too much away because I believe if you are ever in London in the summer and early fall you should come and see Peter Pan- this production will truly make you feel like a child again! This play is truly for everyone- I was never a Peter Pan fan when I was younger, but this production was so good! I am glad I decided to experience seeing Peter Pan in the gardens.


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