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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Buckingham Palace

Yesterday, my roommates and I went on a tour of Buckingham Palace. Some of the staterooms where open while the Queen was on her summer holiday. It was really interesting to see the inside of Buckingham Palace and see the history in it. On the tour I learned that Buckingham used to just be a mansion house before they added on and converted it into the Palace. I enjoyed seeing all the portrait galleries and marble collections that were in the Palace. I could not even imagine living in a place filled with so much art and history. I also really liked seeing the special display about the Commonwealth and all the tours the Queen did. I thought it was very respectful that every gift the Queen receives finds a special place in the palace. You can really tell how much the Queen respects and cares for the Commonwealth. Also, I found in one of the rooms that William Shakespeare was in the plaster in one of the staterooms- since we are reading a bunch of Shakespeare I found this interesting. I enjoyed this experience and know how lucky I am to have caught the Queen on her summer holiday.

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