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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun Times in Chicago

So a few weeks ago I took a girls trip with my mom, my Aunt Sara, my Abuela, Olivia, and my cousin Aspen. We all went to Chicago to see my cousin Courtney compete in the Miss International Pageant. It was a pretty short trip, but fun none the less! So on Wednesday night we all packed into Sara's Navigator and drove the 11 hours to Chicago! Much to everyone's surprise no fights broke out and we all survived the weekend without any drama! Of course once we got into the city of Chicago traffic was ridcouls... which later we found out Obama was in town so then my family proceeded to blame everything on Obama! Haha... of course I was just hoping I would see him (no luck there)! The pageant went well... Court didn't make top ten but it was still fun to see here and Clay and Chris! It's always great to get away and take a girls trip... on the way back we ran into a problem when one of the tires went flat.. but we got it fixed at the local Wal-Mart. While they were fixing the tires Aspen and Olivia proceeded to play with the shopping carts in the parking lot by having races with them... We then felt a little like white trash playing at the local Wal-Mart!! Hahaha good times! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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