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Monday, September 24, 2012

Becoming My Mother...

So it's official, I have become my mother.

Let me explain: my mom hates clutter. She is constantly fighting a war against clutter, and usually she wins this war (but she will never admit this). She always thinks the house is a mess. She hates things on counters, on the table, and on the floor.... and this used to bother me. My thought was as long as everything looked neat it would be okay.

But things have changed. Ever since getting married, I have increasingly become obsessed with clearing off my kitchen table and counters. I hate the clutter in my kitchen. I think the biggest reason is because Matt and I live in a studio apartment (insert a glorified dorm room here)! If our kitchen is a mess, or our table filled with crap it can not be hid. Everyone will see it! (And by everyone I mean the one or two people that come to our place... a month.)

But still I NEED to have the kitchen table clean..... Every night! Matt will put his school work on the table and I will clear it off... every night. And here is the kicker- we don't even use the table! I actually hate the table. The chairs are uncomfortable and it is annoying to be there! So I think it's even more weird that the table needs to be clear just to sit there and get no use.... and Matt finds it even more annoying... but what can I say: I am my mother's daughter!

So, have you become your mother yet?

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