Sunday, August 5, 2012

London Olympic Update

For me, the last week has basically been olympics, olympics, and of course more olympics. Since the 27th our t.v. has barely left NBC. 

 I have heard a lot of complaints about NBC's olympic coverage and their lack of primetime diversity. And you know these are just not 'true' olympic fans. I say this because true olympic fans watch more than NBC's primetime coverage. A real fan watches the coverage all day and into the wee hours of the morning. A real fan is dedicated to reading all the news updates and catching on-line clips of all the events. A real fan doesn't let primetime coverage discourage them from watching other events. 

Haha- I am kidding... a little. I think overall NBC has been fine. I mean the primetime coverage is what the majority of Americans want to watch, so it makes sense what they show. 

Now, I know I might be a little a lot obsessed with watching as much olympics as I possibly can, but let me make it clear- I am on intersession or a break from work. I literally have nothing to do, so I have the luxury of watching 24/ 7 olympic coverage. 

Well, enough of the NBC haters! Let's talk about what I have seen. This past week has brought some highs and it has brought some lows. I have cried... I have yelled... I have scared my husband away... all in all I have become an olympic nut job... and I have loved every minute of it. 

I have watched swimming (of course), volleyball, both men/ women's and beach and regular, water polo, kayaking, diving, fencing, judo, cycling, indoor cycling, rowing, track and field, basketball, trampoline, tennis, gymnastics, shooting, archery, and even some equestrian ( I mean who could pass up seeing the Queen's granddaughter compete!) 

The other day, NBC was taking a break from olympic coverage and I changed the channel and saw Will Ferrel on Conan. And of course they were talking about the olympics and I started laughing because Will was acting like a USA nut and I was like oh my gosh- Will is doing an impression of ME!!! 

I showed Matt and we just laughed because I am pretty sure I was saying the same things about the Russian gymnasts! 

For more insight, please watch this video. This will show you just how excited I get about the olympics, and trust me it is not an exaggeration. 

I hope your Olympic experience is going as great as mine is! All I have to say is I am glad we are finally beating out China in the metal race! And GO TEAM USA!!!! 

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