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Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been saying this for awhile now, but now I am going to write it! I want to lose weight and get in better shape. There I said it... I am not ashamed... well, a little, but oh well. We are all friends here right? Right? I hope so at least. I was at a good weight about a year and a half ago- so it is possible, and I am young. I want to be -as the Brits would say- fit!

So here is where I am starting, I am NOT going to tell you my starting weight-- that would just send me in a deep depression! And I probably won't tell you how much weight is coming off, but I will share the journey.

Now, if this bores you, don't read it. I just feel it is time to keep myself accountable, and what better way then my through my large following of 11 people!

Matt has been a trouper but the thing about husband (or at least my husband) is he is pretty sweet and is too nice to say uh, honey you are starting to to have 3 chins. Another thing about Matt is he is Asian- meaning small- meaning doesn't really have to worry about what he eats. He could eat a value meal, 5 candy bars, and a soda and LOSE weight, meanwhile, I THINK about eating that and I gain 10 pounds.

So here we are. Here are some goals. I have been talking with my dad about it and I was saying oh I am trying to kick the soda habit and candy and fast food, etc. And he simply said, 'Just do it'. Now, I know it will NOT be that easy, but it's the exact right mindset. Just do it- no excuses. In another conversation we were talking about running and I was complaining about how hard it was. And my dad said 'Well, if it was easy there would be no overweight people.' Now, my dad is freakishly fit and takes pretty good care of himself, but his attitude, while pretty extreme, is what I want to have.

I need to stop justifying the soda (oh my head hurts, or I am tired, or just this last one, etc.) and I need to realize I can NOT eat what my husband eats. Now, I know the tone of this post is a little light hearted, but the message is serious. And this has been extremely hard to admit, not only to myself, but here on my blog. But that is what it is MY BLOG- my personal space- and if I can't be myself here and honest then what am I doing?

So here are my goals:
1. Run at least 4x a week (I have been pretty okay with this- thanks to my dad- this will hopefully increase once I no longer have to both student teach and work at the Reading Writing Center

2. Kick the soda (cold turkey- I can do it)

3. Kick sweets and fast food

4. Eat more fruits and veggies

Four goals sounds like a good start! I know a lot of people say not to rush kicking all your bad habits, but with me it's best because I love to justify and with my personality extreme is better.

Wish me luck and thanks in advance for your support.

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