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Friday, December 23, 2011

Graduation Oh Yeah!

Last Saturday, I finally graduated from BYU Hawaii!!!! Yay! I am done- well student teaching then done done done. Matt still has about another year left and hopefully I will be able to get a job for that year. After Matt finishes we are off to the Peace Corp!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to have some of my family come out for graduation. My mom, Grandpa Henson, his girlfriend Rena, my Fahey grandparents, my dad, and his girlfriend Cathleen were all able to come in from out of town. Plus, my cousins Mike and Kathy and Matt's Obachan and Aunt Claudia were able to come. It was great to have everyone around even though I missed my siblings and my other grandparents!

The night before graduation there was a graduation banquet that we went to- here all the graduates went up and they sang Aloha Oe- a song written by Queen Lili'uokalani the last monarch of Hawaii during the Overthrow. It is beautiful and if you want to listen to a version click here!

Anyway, the next morning was graduation and it all went great. Elder Holland spoke and it such a great speech. I am glad he was there. I graduated with Summa Cum Laude, with honors and in Phi Kappa Phi, and Phi Alpha Theta!

After graduation, my family carried on the Hawaiian tradition and gave me leis. This was something I was looking forward to ever since coming to Hawaii. I told my family I wanted my head to be covered in leis... and they came through! I even received a Dr. Pepper lei from my friend Lacey! People get so creative here- I saw a potato chip lei, candy leis, and so many more funny ones!

Here are some pictures- be prepared for a whole bunch- I want to make sure my Abuela and Papa see plenty!
(Grandpa Henson and me)

(Auntie Claudia, Me, Matt, and Obachan)
(I ended up with 22 leis! Thanks everyone!)
(My friend Lacey - she made the Dr. Pepper lei!)

(Mike and Kathy)
(Dr. Murdock- one of my history professors)
(My friend and co-worker Christy)
(My friend Julie- Abuela this is the friend who invited us to dinner- so don't be worried we have friends!)
(Our friends from our ward- David also graduated and was a history major as well!)
(Dr. Chowen- one of my education professors)

I told there were a lot of pictures- but I am not done! After the ceremony and pictures we all went to eat at Breakers in Haleiwa. It all turned out okay.... not too stressful!
(Abuela the red, yellow, and green lei is the one you and papa bought for me!)

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