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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weeks of Traveling

On May 23rd I am going home (sans the ball and chain). Joe and Malia are graduating from Sprayberry High School and Jud and Olivia are getting baptized... FOUR great reasons/ excuses to go home! Unfortunetly, Matt is taking classes right now and his finals are at the same time as graduation and we could not justify spending $800 to come home for 24 hours so I will be making the journey alone. Although, I am sad he can't come and I AM SO EXCITED TO GO HOME!

I am going to... see a movie with my sister and best friend, Beth... eat at Chick-fil-a.... enjoy having AC in my house... and just have an all around great time with my family!

I fly home on June 3rd only to turn around on the 6th and fly to D.C! I got accepted into a career connect program in D.C. This program allows students to interview with companies in the city so get the foot in the door. I am so excited to go and see D.C... plus, hopefully I will be able to J Money while I am there! I leave D.C. on the 10th and come back to Hawaii.

That is about 17,000 miles racked up in a little over 3 weeks! But I am so happy to be able to do these things and have such a supportive ball and chain to not be mad or upset that I am going home, or doing the career connect!

In other good news my youngese brother, Jud, will be coming back with me from Atlanta to spend a couple weeks with Matt and I! We are so excited!

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