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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

London Baby

So as most of my Fall 2009 London Study Abroad buddies have noted it has been a year since we all arrived at the BYU Centre at 27 Palace Court. I really can't believe that a year ago I was climbing the hundred stairs leading up to the attic for the first time.... or meeting my attic buddies for the first time!

First, I miss the friends I made in jolly ole London.

I miss the coach rides with Tony- even with Dr. Paxman and Tony talking pretty much the whole time about endless facts.

I miss Costa's with Jenny.

I miss the Tube.

I miss strange guys hitting on me and Jenny by telling us we are fit.

I miss seeing exciting sites and going into a bookstore in almost every town.

I miss walking to Subway almost everyday.

I miss walking around with Jenny.

Running in Hyde park.

I even miss the Wandsworth ward and teaching Gospel Doctrine!

Oh yes and I miss Lion bars!


It's strange that a year ago I was traveling across England soaking up as much as I could and now I am planning a wedding - a year sure seems like a long time!

Here's to you London! I can't wait to go back with Matt and show him my favorite spots!


  1. Hey, that one guy that said we were fit was ridiculously good-looking. If it wasn't for the fact that he went from a "couple of my buddies" to 10, I would have thought more seriously about going to that party with him. With that said, I suppose that he was a little weird. But definitely not as weird as James N, N for Nash!

  2. hahaha oh yeah he was cute... except for the fact all I could think of is gang rape and human trafficking ... but yes the 40 yr old James was way more strange!


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