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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring and Love

It has been two years since I have lived in Georgia during the Spring season and I have honestly forgot how pretty it is here! Everything is blooming here and all the trees and flowers look so beautiful. It also does not hurt that the weather is really starting to get warm again and it just feels so perfect!
And of course, with this new love for spring I have found new loves when it comes to flora and fauna... well really just flora!

This is a field of Ranunculus. Just look at all the colors they come in! I really think these could be my new favorite!

Poppies are my next love that I have found. There is something so happy about the color red and the inky center.
Now Jenny I know you will be surprised about this third love... but yes Tulips! I saw some today and they were so happy! So I thought yes, yes I love them.
And my last love of this Spring season are Cherry Blossom trees. These are everywhere now and they look so pretty in bloom.

Maybe it's cause I am in love and a little cheesy... but right now I am LOVING Spring and all the beauty it is bringing into my life! :)


  1. LOL! Oh my gosh. I seriously was wondering why you had pictures of tulips. But I'm glad that not only were you happy, but the tulips were as well. And I have to say that after London, I have a new fondness for poppies. Granted, I didn't actually see any in bloom, but I think the fact that I wore a paper one on my coat lapel for weeks counts for something.

  2. Haha I know I really didn't like Tulips but then I saw some today and was like ohhh these are so pretty... and that is how I feel about poppies... granted I never actually wore mine for long... but I still have it on my board in my room....

  3. I wish I could be loving spring like you but unfortunately I live in utard and it has snowed here for the past 2 days. no beautiful flowers for us to see :( but I agree with the Poppies. They are my absolute most favorite flower. Great choices!


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